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Prepaid Funeral Plans – Which Are The Best?

As leading UK Independent Prepaid Funeral Plans Experts, we provide help and advice to compare funeral plans & funeral insurance, so that you can decide which best suits you, your budget and circumstances.

Finding the best prepaid funeral plans, can take a considerable amount of time. The service that we offer, compares all UK prepayment funeral plans for you, so that you don’t have to. We provide this service on a totally free of charge basis and we guarantee a confidential, individually tailored expert service. Our consultants have developed an authority funeral plans comparison website, which will help you to find the best pre paid funeral plans. If you want to find the cheapest prepayment funeral plans, you can relax, rest assured that we have access to exclusive price offers. How can we say this? Via our Price Promise, we know that we will be the cheapest that you find in the UK, if ever this has been proved to not be the case, we guarantee to improve on the price to ensure that you get the best plan, at a price that is right for you. We do however insist that the prepaid funeral plans match on a like for like basis and the cheaper plan must match equally with the plan that we offer you, if it does, will will improve on the price that you pay for our plan offer, this way, we know that wherever possible, we will be the best in the market.

Did you know that Life Insurance does Not Guarantee that your family are protected from being asked to pay for your funeral!

We totally understand that thinking about our own mortality and planning our own funeral, is a tough thing to do. But if you want to ensure that your family are not asked to raise the money needed to pay for your funeral, then taking the time to compare funeral plans is vital. We go through life planning for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, so why not plan for our end of life too. Although life insurance provides an amount of money when you die, it only provides a fixed amount, which won’t grow with inflation, so will not keep up with price increases as prepaid funeral plans do and it can take weeks or even months to payout. This is where prepaid funeral plans comes in best, as they grow at least in line with inflation and they pay the funeral director directly, at the time of need, avoiding the money getting caught up in legal issues. The legal issues that can occur include, complex probate issues or the terms/reading of a will, which can cause long delays. Pre paid funeral plans ensure that all of these things are avoided and that your family will not be asked to pay anything at the time of your funeral, but they will of course be free to add to the funeral in anyway that they feel they would like to.

Although it’s a very sensitive subject, we want you to understand the benefits and encourage you to protect your loved ones properly. Making things simpler for those that you care about, can and will give you peace of mind in knowing that you have done right by them. Paying in advance for a funeral avoids the effects of inflation on the cost of your funeral, which it does by locking the price in at the price that applies on the day of purchase. No matter how much prices increase or how many more years that you are lucky enough to still have, the price that you buy at today, will be the price that you pay for your funeral, ensuring you and your loved ones of best value for money. Prepaid funeral plans achieve this by the way that the money is held. The money that you pay is placed into a secure trust fund, which is managed by independent trust fund manager, who are overseen by solicitors, who are authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. The fund is fully protected by the surety of UK law in respect of the holding of client funds, which is underwritten by the government, in the same way as they protect monies held by banks and building societies. The UK’s Prepaid funeral plans providers are a safe place to place your money, but please beware if you are thinking of arranging a funeral plan with a local funeral director. Many small first offer their own plans, which do not give the same protection. If the funeral director was to go into liquidation, there is a strong likelihood that your money could go with it.

At Prepaid Funeral Plans UK, we have set about providing you with all the help that we believe that you need, when you are considering your own best choices and the expectations of your loved ones, family and friends. Mourning over the loss of a loved one is so very painful, so anything that we can do ourselves, which alleviates some of the worry or reduces some of the stress for others, is vital to deliver a tender and memorable funeral service or memorial as a loving, warm thought invoking occasion for others.

The Experts – Prepaid Funeral Plans Reviews

We constantly review the best value funeral plans, so we can guide you with dignity, in providing the expertise and knowledge of independent professional funeral planning advisers, who are trained to work sensitively, in helping you to arrange your own funeral. In addition to providing information, we want to help you to compare the best UK funeral prepayment plans, or the best funeral costs insurance cover that is available in the UK, so that you can make a fully informed choice. We recommend that when you are considering best or cheapest, you should consider all elements, which means deciding about whether you want to spread the cost by monthly installments or pay a one off payment. Making the right choices, will give you the satisfaction of total peace of mind, in knowing that your arrangements are fully made and paid up in line with your budget.

All of the best prepaid funeral plans that we would suggest you consider, will cover the cost of arranging your funeral, burial or cremation services. They also provide cover for a significant amount of money for third party disbursements (E.G – Doctor’s fees, Clergy’s fees, registration fees, etc). We work with you to make sure that all aspects will have been given thought, including considering the small details, like selecting your music of choice for that final journey. Some of the more prominent decisions, will include things like the type of coffin you would like, and how many chauffeur driven limousines you will need to transport your loved ones, to and from the service. Rest assured, your prepaid funeral plans consultant will assist you in making funeral plans comparisons to make the right choices and will guide you to ensure that nothing is left unconsidered.

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